Chichewa for “sons and daughters.” Words you will hear enough times throughout the reading of Genesis to never forget them! Here’s some other stuff we did this week…

This Sunday at the 9 am bible study, Alan taught on ‘The Church,’ and we had a lively discussion on the context and application of Acts 2:42-47. At 10 am, Kondi began a series in the Book of Jonah. After church, Dikilani came over for lunch and helped us with our Chichewa pronunciation (we’re learning out of a book, so some of our pronunciations were horribly off: “th” and “ph” aren’t “thuh” and “fuh”, they’re just harder “t” and “p” sounds).

If you’re friends with Micah, she’s probably already tried to teach you how to make pasta carbonara. =P We discovered that the Floreens have a pasta cutter, and that you can buy semolina flour here (whaaaat)! So Micah invited over Sophia and Colette, two ladies helping the Ayres and the Kopps with homeschooling this year, for a night of pasta-making. Clayton helped by eating the pasta.

This week in Lubwe Village, we read Genesis 9-11. Clayton taught the men and women together, drawing parallels between chapters 1-4 and 5-11. He also read from Hebrews 11 on how the righteousness that defined Noah and Enoch came from faith, not sinlessness. Listening to Genesis read aloud also helps us with our Chichewa. We definitely know the words for “fathered” and “sons and daughters” now. =)

One new blessing this week has been multiple opportunities for discipleship! If you know us even a little bit, you know that we’re incapable of not pouring our love for Scripture into whoever is willing to listen. We’re especially passionate about biblical literacy for laypeople. (Top) Micah’s study in Proverbs. Micah had been feeling discouraged without a group of women to study and pray with. This Tuesday, she was able to begin a weekly study of Proverbs with a couple of other women. She’s really thankful for their willingness to meet with her! (Bottom) Friday nights, Clayton also has an opportunity for discipleship. Dikilani and Daniel came over for a more intimate version of his Hermeneutics & Exegesis seminar, as well as hamburgers and hymns.

We’ve been pondering how we can encourage the other missionary families here, besides the admin and IT work we’re doing for CAPA. Since the men get pretty busy when the module begins, we decided to invite the kids to our house so their parents could go on a date. Friday afternoon, we had 5 kids over! The Floreens’ house has a playroom, a backyard playground, and a ton of board games. Still, we may have played with every toy and game they own…


We spent this week discussing Acts with each other (we’ve both recently studied it) and consequently, we spent our prayer time this week thanking God for all of you who constantly uplift and encourage us. We are so grateful for our bible study in West LA, our new friends here, those who support us, our families, and those who minister to the glory of God – especially our friends in Kenya, Uganda, DR Congo, South Sudan, Madagascar, and South Africa. We pray for you daily.