Thank you for praying for diligence in our studies! For us, the best time for concentrated study is before the sun comes up. So we’re trying! But keep praying for us, because neither of us are naturally morning people…

Using the last rays of light, combined with some candlelight, to do Chichewa study on the verandah. Our favorite new discovery is that the YouVersion Bible app has both Chichewa and German audio! So we are trying to listen regularly.

We are renting a car in Malawi, but when we need to do errands downtown, we prefer taking public transport. There are several different options. The cheapest is typically a minibus (or a matatu, as they’re called in Kenya), which fits around 15 people. Another is called a Tuk-Tuk, a covered, 3-wheeled motorbike which is more expensive and only fits 2-3 people. Lastly, you can find a taxi, which is just someone’s car (like Uber) and pay the most.

This past Monday was Mothers’ Day in Malawi! We celebrated with a BBQ with some new friends and a game night. We learned how to play “chicken feet” dominoes and Micah won! (Yes, I am aware that this is probably not what you were thinking when you clicked on a missionary blog entitled “Chicken Feet.” But I’m running out of titles for these things. Sincerely, Clayton.)

The outside of Grace Bible Church Lilongwe, which currently rents a building at Bwaila Secondary School. Three other churches also rent buildings there, and they bring their loudspeakers with them. The wall of noise hits typically hits about halfway into our service – a combination of blown-out electric keyboard and screaming preachers. Micah has definitely found herself praying for a power outage, so she could concentrate. Clayton remembers once during a worship service in South Sudan, a drunk villager threw a hand grenade over the cliff and after it exploded, everybody just kept singing the next verse. So he doesn’t mind as much.

We normally sing a cappella on Sundays. There aren’t any musicians in the church, but there is a guitar, so Micah volunteered to try to learn some chords (if you know 3-4, you can play any hymn!). “It’s Not an Easy Road” is in GBC’s hymnbook, but they hadn’t learned it before, so she was happy to have the opportunity to sing one of her favorites.

Because we were unable to go to Lubwe this week, we were able to attend a GBC mid-week bible study instead. It was at Alan and Linda Maganga’s house. Alan normally teaches the 9 am bible study on Sundays, so we were happy to be able to be part of this study on Psalm 119.

Taking a break from various errands to get some ice cream =D

Unfortunately, this week in Lubwe, the chief was hit by a car and killed. Due to the funeral (which began Tuesday), we were unable to go and do evangelism. Pray that we would be able to go back soon, and that hearts would be even more open to discuss things of eternity. Daniel and Dikilani also have another opportunity for evangelism at a secondary school on Wednesdays. Pray that they would be bold and well-prepared, and we would support them well in their efforts.

“Pray much for the church of God and especially that he would carry on his glorious work that he has now begun. Be much in prayer for the ministers of Christ. Particularly I would beg a special interest in your prayers and the prayers of your Christian companions, both when you are alone and when you are together, for your affectionate friend, that rejoices over you and desires to be your servant. In Jesus Christ, Jonathan Edwards.” (from Advice to Young Converts)

“Kuopa Yehova ndiye chiyambi cha nzeru.” (Miyambo 1:7)

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” (Proverbs 1:7)