… you know the rest. In celebration of the first rain here in Malawi, Clayton has been singing this incessantly all week.

Micah’s memory verse for this week. Since we’d already learned “love”, “joy”, and “peace” in Chichewa, she decided to learn the rest of the fruit of the Spirit by memorizing Galatians 5:22-23. The most interesting translations were kulesa mtima, (which technically translates “cool heart” for “long-suffering”) and kukoma mtima. The latter really confused her, since she only knew kukoma as meaning “tasty” or “delicious”. Apparently it also translates “sweet,” so kukoma mtima becomes “Sweet heart” for “kindness.”

The key project continues! Clayton’s been in this key shop downtown enough times this week to have made friends with the owner, Ibrahim.

This week in Lubwe, we continued with Genesis and read through chapter 16. Our original plan was to skip forward after reaching Genesis 11, but since our eventual goal is to read the Gospel of John, we realized John references Abraham and Moses extensively. So we decided to read through those narratives before moving to John.

It was Lauren’s 1st birthday this week! Sadly, the birthday girl fell asleep before dinner so we got a picture with the rest of her family and her cake instead. 😛

So many bags, so few seats… On Tuesday, Clayton drove to the airport to pick up a short-term team flying in from Mission Road Bible Church. They’ll be here for a week, organizing the CAPA library as well as helping with construction on CAPA’s future campus.

We love driving. We don’t feel genuinely familiar with a place until we’ve spent some time on the roads. So on Saturday, we drove north to see as much of Malawi as we could. In our roughly 10 hours of driving, we made it to Nkhotakota and back, with a few detours and stops along the way. Clayton was blown away by the high quality of the roads here; in the small sedan we’re renting, we made 200 km in about 3 hours. We loved driving through so many varied ecosystems and small, beautiful villages. Malawi is the farthest south in Africa either of us has been, and with its rolling, golden hills, the landscape has more in common with Central California than what we know of East Africa. Except for the occasional village, you might think you’re driving the Grapevine!

Enjoying tacos and sodas with Dikilani and Daniel after their Friday night discipleship meeting with Clayton. They’ve finished the Hermeneutics & Exegesis sessions, so they’re moving on to Outlining. Clayton has expanded and updated the notes and slides since teaching the material in West LA.

Please pray for perseverance in our Chichewa and German studies. Micah is also trying to learn some hymns on guitar, to offer some much-needed help with worship on Sunday mornings. We have a lot of things to be diligent in!

But ‘he who boasts is to boast in the Lord.’ For it is not he who commends himself that is approved, but he whom the Lord commends. (2 Corinthians 10:17-18)