Micah memorized her first Bible verse in Chichewa this week! (It’s written at the bottom). Hint: the title of this post is: “In the beginning, God…” Also this week:

(Top) The outside of CAPA’s library and admin office. (Bottom) Inside the office. This week, Clayton’s pricing and buying Chichewa Bibles, as well as organizing keys for the faculty, who have been having trouble getting into classrooms without them. He also built an IT HelpDesk platform to make troubleshooting easier and faster.

This last weekend, Bingu Stadium was completely packed for Shepherd Bushiri’s “Global Prophetic Tour”. Bushiri is Malawi’s most recognized celebrity, a Word-of-Faith preacher (and businessman) who now pastors a megachurch in South Africa. The vice grip of the prosperity gospel upon African communities was painfully apparent this weekend, as an ambulance carried a sick patient from a nearby public hospital to the healing event. Three members of Bushiri’s entourage died in a car accident on the way home from the event, and he called them “martyrs,” claiming that God had told him beforehand that they would die.

(Top) Filtering water for drinking. We boil it at night so that it’s cool by mid-morning for the filters. Eventually we want to be able to drink water from the tap, but it takes time to train your body to handle that. (Bottom) Bleaching this week’s vegetables.

We had our first braii in Malawi! (and Micah’s first braii ever). It’s a South African barbecue, with lots of meats and vegetable side dishes. The spices were different, but it still reminded Micah of Korean BBQ. This one was for our friends’ baby’s 1st birthday. It was AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS and Micah tried making Chakalaka afterwards because she liked it so much. We ended the evening by singing a hymn and praying for those preaching the next day.

Before evangelism on Tuesday, Micah, Patricia, Santie, and Uchizi studied Proverbs 1, 8, and 9 together. They’re using online resources from Every Woman’s Grace (a women’s group from our home church). Micah really likes being able to discuss how Proverbs applies to the culture here.

We continue to be blessed by Grace Bible Church Lilongwe. (Top) After the service, we usually have snacks and fellowship. Last Sunday, Kondi continued with Jonah chapter 2. (Bottom) This Sunday, Kondi asked Clayton to preach. He taught on “The Sign of Jonah” from Matthew 12:38-45.

Dikilani has been coming over after church to help us with Chichewa. He really helps expand our existing vocabulary into useful phrases. Clayton is interested in phrases relating to minibus transportation, while Micah is interested in market-related phrases. We’re both interested in general greetings and bible terms, so we learn a little of everything. Last week, we couldn’t stop giggling when we learned “Chancho,” which is just a simple word meaning “so” or “then”. But we can’t ever say it without adding, “I need to borrow some sweats.”

Friday night, Clayton continued his Hermeneutics & Exegesis lessons with Dikilani and Daniel (during a power outage, hence the lanterns). This week, they discussed exegetical techniques and tools, and then we enjoyed Southern food together!

Please pray for healthy churches in Malawi. Pray for us and for the rest of the missionary team to be discerning in thinking through cultural issues.

“Pachiyambi Mulungu analenga kumwamba ndi dziko lapansi.” (Genesis 1:1)