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I Bless the Rains…

… you know the rest. In celebration of the first rain here in Malawi, Clayton has been singing this incessantly all week.

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Pachiyambi Mulungu…

Micah memorized her first Bible verse in Chichewa this week! (It’s written at the bottom). Hint: the title of this post is: “In the beginning, God…” Also this week:

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Ana Amuna ndi Akazi

Chichewa for “sons and daughters.” Words you will hear enough times throughout the reading of Genesis to never forget them! Here’s some other stuff we did this week…

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Do You Remember…

the 21st night of September? Because that was yesterday. Also this week:

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A Virus, A Celebration, and a Dinner

It was Clayton’s turn to be welcomed to Africa this week! He got a stomach virus and was down for the count from Tuesday night through Friday morning. But we still found plenty to do this week…

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Muli Bwanji?

Ndili Bwino! That’s “How are you?” and “I am fine!” in Chichewa – one of only three greetings we know. The rest is just verbs and nouns unstrung together. But we’re getting there! Here are some pictures of our week…

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Work, Church, & Outreach

With this second installment of This Week In Photos, we wanted to share a bit more of our day-to-day life so far. Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom to read our current prayer requests…

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First Week

We’ve decided to start a new, photo-centric category on the blog! In addition to our Updates, Life & Ministry, and Devotional posts, we’re starting something called This Week In Photos. At this point, we’ve been living in Lilongwe, Malawi for about one week. With these first pictures, we just wanted to show you our environment here: weather, food, living, etc. (We’ll dedicate a future post to the seminary and church.) Scroll through to the bottom of this page to see our current prayer requests.

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